Woodedge is one of the premier show grounds in southern New Jersey, and is noted for the superb footing in the show rings.

Woodedge hosts USEF-rated and non-rated competitions throughout the year.

Woodedge also hosts several competitions each year at the Gloucester County Dream Park in Logan Township.

For a Woodedge Horse Show entry form, click on the "Prize List" for the appropriate show below.

Online entry, up-to-date schedules, and entry counts are available at horseshowing.com .

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We now have fillable pdf entry form files so you can type the information into a form and then email it to us. For the 2022 unrated shows, please follow these instructions (as always, a separate form will be required for each horse/pony):

1) DOWNLOAD the form by clicking here .

2) SAVE the file to a place you can remember, such as your desktop, using a filename that makes sense (like "Old Nag 20220320 Entry.pdf"). Make as many different named copies as you have horses/ponies to enter.

3) OPEN the saved file with Adobe Reader.

4) COMPLETE the fillable fields on the form; don't worry about any areas where there are not fillable fields - those will be completed at the show.

5) SAVE the completed file.

6) OPEN this Woodedge Entry Email Link to open a new email.

7) ATTACH the completed file(s) and SEND them.


Scan QR Code with your smart phone to download Prize Lists as pdfs:
August 14:

Aug 14 Sun Woodedge Show At Woodedge Prize List Entry From
Sep 10-11 Sat-Sun Moorestown Show At Woodedge
Oct 8-9 Sat-Sun Woodedge Show Gloucester County Dream Park
Nov 26-27 Sat-Sun Woodedge Show Gloucester County Dream Park

To visit the Dream Park web site, click here .

TAKE2 Second Career Thoroughbred Program


The TAKE2 Second Career Thoroughbred Program Inc. is committed to promoting and developing second careers for racehorses when they have retired from the track. Launched in 2012 by the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, in collaboration with the New York Racing Association and the New York Thoroughbred Breeders Inc., TAKE2 funds prize money and awards in hunter and jumper classes restricted to Thoroughbreds that are eligible to be registered with The Jockey Club. The program was offered at AA-rated horse shows in New York, New Jersey, and Texas in 2012.

In its second year, it was expanded to include more than 190 horse shows in 10 of the 12 USEF zones across 22 states. TAKE2 classes are now offered at more than 250 horse shows in 23 states.

TAKE2 highlights the success of Thoroughbreds as show horses. The goal is to create a market for retired racehorses, ensuring secure futures beyond the racetrack.

"It is of utmost importance to racing's owners and trainers that our horses have happy and productive lives when they leave the track," NYTHA President Rick Violette Jr. said. "In recent years, it has been harder to find homes for retired racehorses in the sport horse world, because the popularity of Thoroughbreds as hunters and jumpers has been on the decline. We believe TAKE2 is helping to reverse that trend. The program was met with remarkable enthusiasm, and horse shows have been eager to add the TAKE2 classes to their prize lists. It is also encouraging to discover how many riders, from the pony clubbers to Olympic-class horsemen, now look to the Thoroughbred when it's time to shop for their next horse."

TAKE2 is open to all Thoroughbreds verified by The Jockey Club registrations papers or lip tattoo number at time of entry. Raced and unraced Thoroughbreds are eligible for the program. There will be no co-branding or co-sponsorship allowed with any TAKE2 sponsored division or class.

The TAKE2 Hunter Division includes classes over fences, with fences at 3'0″, and an under-saddle class.

The TAKE2 Jumper Division includes Over Fences classes, with fences at 3'3″/1.0 meter.

The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program


The Jockey Club created the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.)to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines upon completion of careers in racing or breeding. T.I.P. offers sponsorship for Thoroughbred-only classes and divisions, high point Thoroughbred awards at open horse shows and competitions.

From the first T.I.P. event at Red Hills International Horse Trial in Florida on March 8, 2012 through the end of 2021, there were more than 7,900 horse shows and events with T.I.P. classes or awards held in 50 states and Canadian provinces. More than 66,000 eligible Thoroughbreds participated in these shows and events, competing for thousands of ribbons, hundreds of prizes and thousands of dollars in prize money simply for being a registered Thoroughbred.

In 2022, more than 1,400 sponsored horse shows were approved for awards for Thoroughbreds in 46 states and 6 Canadian provinces and in virtually every imaginable discipline.

T.I.P. has a number of programs geared toward all riders and Thoroughbreds. Generally, all information on T.I.P. programs can be found on our website (tjctip.com) under “TB Owners and Riders”.

Eligibility - For purposes of eligibility for all T.I.P. classes and awards, a "Thoroughbred" is defined as any horse that has been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book recognized by The Jockey Club. Unregistered horses are not eligible.

T.I.P. Numbers - To participate in T.I.P., owners and riders must obtain a T.I.P. Number. To apply for a T.I.P. number, please visit tjctip.com and click on “My Account”. You will need an Interactive Registration™ account to apply for a T.I.P. Number. Interactive Registration™ is a FREE service designed for the use of thoroughbred owners and breeders to transact business electronically with The Jockey Club registry. T.I.P. Numbers are free. The T.I.P. number card should be provided to participating horse shows as proof of eligibility. T.I.P. Numbers are horse/owner specific. If you purchase a horse with a number, you need to get a new T.I.P. Number for the horse under your own account. All riders must be listed on the T.I.P. Number – to add a rider, log into your account and click “Add Rider”

Horse Show Awards – T.I.P. offers sponsorship of Thoroughbred classes and high point awards at approved horse shows in virtually all disciplines, including hunter/jumper, eventing, dressage, Western, polo, polocrosse, and endurance. A list of approved horse shows is available at tjctip.com/CalendarOfEvents.

Performance Awards – The Performance Awards are T.I.P.’s year end, self-reported Thoroughbred “points program”. The Performance Awards are completely self-reported by the Thoroughbred’s owner or rider. The Award Year is December 1 - November 30 and all forms are due December 20.

Recreational Riding Program – The Thoroughbred Recreational Riding Incentive Program (TRRIP) is designed to recognize and reward Thoroughbred owners and riders that enjoy recreational riding or driving on a regular basis. There are prizes associated with each hour level, beginning with 25 hours.

Championships –The Jockey Club hosts an all Thoroughbred Championship Horse Show with championship divisions for Hunters, Jumpers, English Pleasure, Dressage and Western Pleasure. T.I.P. offers championship awards for eventing at the United States Eventing Association's American Eventing Championships.

For more information, start at tjctip.com/About/TBPAFI
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