SUMMER 2024 LESSONS - Click here for Summer 2024 riding lesson information.
Please note you can start your lessons at any time - you do not have to wait until the start of a new semester.
The Summer Semester is split into two sessions:
The first session starts Monday, June 24, and ends Saturday, July 27.
The second session starts Monday, July 29, and ends Saturday, August 31.
Registration is due Saturday, June 8; however there is no penalty for late enrollment.
For more information call 856.235.5623 or email .

Our fillable pdf registration form allows you to type the information into a form and email it to us. Please follow these instructions (as always, a separate form will be required for each student):
1) DOWNLOAD the form by clicking here .
2) SAVE the file to a place you can remember, such as your desktop, using a filename that makes sense (like "Joanie Summer Semester Registration.pdf"). Make as many different named copies as you have students to register.
3) OPEN the saved file with Adobe Reader.
4) COMPLETE the fillable fields on the form; fields with RED borders are required; TAB from field to field; use ARROW keys to move from choice to choice in multi-choice fields; the SIGNATURE fields can be cumbersome - if you can't get them to work, leave them blank - we will complete them at our office.
5) SAVE the completed file.
6) OPEN this Woodedge Lessons Email Link to open a new email.
7) ATTACH the completed file(s) and SEND them.


Winter Semester 2024
Spring Semester 2024

Horseback riding is rapidly growing in popularity as a sport, as it combines the elemental pleasures of vigorous outdoor exercise with the satisfying feeling that comes from the relationship with an animal.

Woodedge, which is primarily a teaching facility, is an exceptional place for children and adults to learn to ride or to enhance their skills. Our instructors help students progress at their own pace in a relaxed atmosphere.

Woodedge offers:

  • Expert instruction
  • Certified, top-level instructors
  • Riding levels from beginner through advanced
  • English hunt seat and Western style riding
  • Group or private lessons
  • Year-round lesson schedules
  • Summer activity programs
  • Four outdoor and one indoor arenas
  • US Equestrian Association rated shows

Bob Allen, owner and director of Woodedge, is a nationally recognized riding instructor, judge, and trainer. In addition to having earned the title of Master Instructor, in 2007 he was named one of the top fifty U.S. riding instructors by the American Riding Instructors Association. He has served as chair of the ARIA national convention several times.

Bob and the entire teaching staff are experienced horsepersons who possess the knowledge, skill, and patience to help riders learn at a safe pace comfortable for each individual.

Woodedge is situated on twenty-eight acres on the eastern edge of Moorestown, New Jersey. We have five riding rings, including a lighted show ring, allowing night-time riding, and an indoor arena, providing escape from inclement weather. Trails though nearby woods and field provide additional pleasant areas for riding.

Woodedge maintains a stable of about twenty-five horses and ponies, specially trained for use in teaching. Students may also bring their own mounts for lessons. Boarding is available, but only to horses in training. Occasionally, select horses are available for sale or lease.

At Woodedge, students gain:

  • a solid foundation in the basics of riding, essential to having a safe and enjoyable riding experience
  • an understanding of the nature of the horse and how to work with the horse to safely accomplish riding goals
  • how to safely care for the horse, both mounted and dismounted, and how to ensure the well-being of the animal

Group lessons are generally an hour long and consist of three to five riders of similar age and skill level. Private lessons are available for special show preparation or for additional practice to resolve riding issues. Riders are expected to allow enough time prior to the lesson for grooming and tacking the horse. Occasionally an unmounted horsemanship lesson is provided as part of the program.

Approved riding helmets are required for all students, as are long pants and hard-soled shoes or boots with at least a one-inch heel (no sneakers or loafers). Although riding boots and breeches/jodhpurs are not required, they are highly recommended. Loose or baggy clothing, which could become a safety issue, must be avoided.

In addition to regular training "semesters," Woodedge offers Summer Equine programs for girls and boys aged eight to fifteen years. Each summer five, two-week sessions are held from June through August, on Mondays through Thursdays. Daily activities include two riding lessons, theory, physiology, and complete care. Students should be enrolled by Mid-March, as demand is high and slots fill quickly.

Woodedge hosts several horse shows annually, both on the property and at the Gloucester County Dream Park, which has one of the largest and one of the few climate-controlled indoor arenas on the East Coast. Special events are The Woodedge Winter Series (six shows from December through March at the Dream Park) and the Moorestown Horse show held each fall at Woodedge.

Woodedge schedules lessons on a year-round, four-semester basis:

  • Winter: January - early March
  • Spring: late March - early June
  • Summer: July and August
  • Fall: mid-September - early December

Application for enrollment is made several weeks prior to the start of each semester. If space is available, students may join a class during the semester.

Private lessons should be scheduled through the office at least four days in advance.

A family discount is provided for multiple enrollments and gift certificates are available.